About us

Academy of Contemporary Education A+ is a network of concept-based educational institutions offering a wide range of educational services for kids aged 1 till 18. Academy A+ was founded in 2012. Nowadays all A+ educational institutions are visited by 1000 students every day.

A+ network has become a leader among educational institutions thanks to continuous development of our students’ potential and talents provided by the team of real professionals inspired by their work. Within our wide network there are preschool institutions, primary and secondary schools, music school, sport academy and a big number of extra-curricular institutions. In 2021 Gymnasium A+ was successfully authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB DP) and got the status of an IB School.

Academy of Contemporary Education A+ collaborates with cultural projects of Kyiv and Ukraine, provides support for talented young people, as well as being involved in different charity projects and programmes. In 2020 our extra-curricular institution «Center of speech and language impairment correction A+» was established.

Educational institutions A+ put into practice various author programmes. We created a methodology center and Academy of Professional Development. We are proud of our students’ achievements, among whom there are numerous laureats and winners of multiple competitions, sport tournaments and are participants of ecological and charity projects.


«Academy of Contemporary Education» is a leader among conceptual private educational establishments in Ukraine and a recognized member of the international educational community.


We are changing the society’s attitude towards national education, creating an innovative educational environment for students and improving the education quality up to the international level.

Corporate values:

  • Honesty and decency are the fundamental factors of all the relationships and the basis of our reputation.
  • Responsibility is one of the main elements of providing honesty and decency. We are working responsibly with our clients and partners.
  • Efficiency is the main tool for achieving optimal results in everything we do.
  • Professionalism is a continuous aspiration towards one’s professional level development.
  • Reputation is one of the key criteria of our professionalism and efficiency reflected in high results of our institution’s activity.
  • Corporate style is an important indicator of our image, the unity of professional and moral beliefs of all our employees, following the same style in organization of professional activity and interpersonal relationships that shape a unique, original style.
  • Patriotism

Іванна Ніконова


“The strategy of A+ educational network’s further development is based on the transformation of the whole system influenced by the newest technologies and changes happening in the society. We view our mission in promoting high quality of education in Ukraine, equating it to the international standards. We fully understand the necessity of absolute support for each member of A+ community, as well as transition to new methods and forms of education.”

Ivanna Nikonova
President LCC of Academy of Contemporary Education


Тетяна Курмаз


“Since the year of its establishment the Academy of Contemporary Education A+ has become a synonym of everything new happening both within education and in the whole world. Projects at A+ do not refer only to learning, but also to charity, culture, sport and international cooperation. We are proud of our team that is constantly growing and developing. We shape an example for active changes in the realities of today, understanding an absolute need of our country for young people with skills for the future.”

Tetiana Shapovalova
CEO of Academy of Contemporary Education