The Academy of Contemporary Education A +

The Academy of Contemporary Education A +


Academy of contemporary education A+ is an institution of extracurricular education, which experienced more than 8 years of success. This is the space of development and implementation of the new generation ideas, which gathered under one roof more than 50 diverse directions for harmonic child development from the very early age.

Educational Program


Art school “Academy of Music A +” – a modern space of complete musical education, which allows us to maximize the musical potential of the child and determine the direction that comes natural: vocals, piano, guitar, percussion, violin, Voice Theater programme.


Creativity is a key to disclosing the personality potential, that is why academics are engaged in fine art in an art studio under the sensitive guidance of a professional, so they learn to create beauty.


Dance School A+ is the place where children are taught to express their thoughts and feelings through the movements of dance, and furthermore they are trained by the most talented and experienced educators.

Dance directions include:

  • Little Feet choreographic class;
  • Modern choreography;
  • Ballroom dancing.


Sports School A+ is a space for an integral physical development of a child, modern infrastructure complies with international quality standards and is used successfully for professional children and adult training.

The directions of sport education are as follows:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Gymnastics
  • Cheerleading
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Roller sport
  • Capoeira
  • Karate
  • Padel Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Chess


The theatre is the best emotional school of life, a source of information about the world, a powerful incentive of thinking. In the theatrical studio A+ children broaden the horizons, creativity and an emotional range, develop eloquence, train memory, become sociable and artistic; they become more responsible for what they do.

Foreign languages

In Academy A+ the process of mastering foreign languages ​​is easy and interesting, as it is conducted by professionals and native speakers.. We teach English and Spanish with native speakers, as well as English, German, Spanish, French languages are taught individually.


Science and LEGO-constructing

Every child is a scientist by nature. At the age of one year boys and girls begin to explore the world really actively and discover things. Therefore, various sciences may not only be available, but also interesting for young school-age children. At Lego’s classes, children develop thinking, small motility and spatial imagination! Thanks to the teachers of Academy A+ , who are certified by Prolego specialists, children have fun with benefits and pleasure.

Early development

Early development is a natural growth process, and we are just assistants who help children with adaptation to the world around, and it is very important for us to help the child development. Therefore, we are working in the following directions:

  • A practical psychologist.
  • Speech therapist.
  • Eidetics.
  • The Development Program “Academy of a Preschooler”.

Speech Correction Centre A+

Reading and writing is a basis of school learning. Unfortunately, according to statistics, from 25% to 50% of children with preserved hearing and intelligence have problems with perception and retelling of the text, re-writing, writing the right letters in words and sentences, etc. Dyslexia and dysgraphia belong to speech disorders. They are the cause of low success in studying and the child’s negative attitude to school. Modern pedagogy has reached a decent level, so now it is possible to detect and eliminate problems at the beginning of their formation. We are ready! Be sure that there are no barriers for a bright life in the 21st century!

We offer such programs and methods:

  • sessions with a practical psychologist;
  • sessions with a speech therapist;
  • a complex of development and stimulation exercises for the brain activity,
  • the restoration of higher mental functions which are not completely age appropriate;
  • a set of classes aimed at increasing the capacity of the brain to perceive and process sensory information;
  • classes to eliminate dyslexia, dysgraphia, and discalcile.
*тут і далі по тексту - Приватний заклад позашкільної освіти «Академія сучасної освіти»;
**тут і далі по тексту - Приватний заклад позашкільної освіти «Центр корекції мовлення А+».
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