Art Center «TOO CAN»

Art Center «TOO CAN»


Educational space for kids TOO CAN is a part of the cultural and educational complex “Academy of Contemporary Education A+”.

It is a place where children develop their talents and super skills. The place where all the children know that they can do everything if they want. It is the very place where artistic and creative kids grow up. They study, relax and enjoy their favorite pastime.

It is the place where all children’s dreams come true and where your child can fulfil his/her creative, social and physical potential.

We love all our little explorers only because they are kids; respect their choice because each one is a personality; do not compare them because each of them is unique; and we believe in their future success because they are the most talented, the most skilled and the most important for us.

Oksana Lenska, the director of Child and Youth Art Center “TOO CAN”





TOO CAN is a unique solution by the highly-skilled team of A+ early development professionals. Its main purpose is an integrated approach to the development of under seven-year-olds. We follow the idea of “under the same roof”. That is why here you can find different sections and clubs working full day.


Educational Program

  • Science
  • Playing medicine Likar+
  • Eco Club «The Planet’s savers»
  • Mental arithmetic
  • Language Club
    • English
    • Chinese
    • Ukrainian
    • Spanish
    • French
  • ART direction «DA VINCHI»
  • Acting classes
  • Sculpture
  • Painting
  • Choreography
  • Puppet theater
  • Fitness for kids
  • Yoga
  • Gymnastics
  • Acrobatics
  • Chess
  • Martial arts
  • Classes with logopaedists and practical psychologists.


  • Convenient location in the city center of Kyiv.
  • We are a part of the biggest network of educational establishments in the city.
  • Highly-skilled teaching staff.
  • Logopaedist and practical psychologist support.Modern and cosy atmosphere.
  • Eco-friendly and certified furniture and safe materials.
  • Closed-off playground for walking in the fresh air.
  • Safety – the center is located on the closed-off territory with 24/7 security. Card entrance system. CCTV monitoring.
  • Unique design of playing rooms and classes following all the recommendations by leading specialists and educators.
  • Every classroom has its own interactive Smart Board.
  • Modern and welcoming atmosphere of our establishment creates a comfortable space where children can develop their talents and super-skills.

Educators Team

TOO CAN TEAM- a team of young, positive and skilled teachers with higher specialized education and working experience with preschoolers. We know for sure how to make kids happy. TOO CAN TEAM is adults who adore smaller ones and are happy to make their childhood bright and active. Being a real friend and not a strict teacher, being in tune with children is our highest inspiration.


School Day

You can choose a program according to your child’s personal needs. That is:

  • Complex program “Universe” membership allows you to visit the classes according to the schedule from 8:00 till 18:00.
  • Program «Universe Start» membership allows you to visit the classes according to the schedule from 8:00 till 14:00.

Classes included in the «Universe» program:

  • Math;
  • Logics;
  • Reading;
  • Sensorics;
  • Speech development;
  • The world around us course;
  • English;
  • Getting ready for writing;
  • Design and space orientation;
  • Practical psychologist support;
  • Classes with logopaedists;
  • Painting;
  • Sculpture;
  • Music classes (singing and piano);
  • Fitness for kids;
  • Acrobatics;
  • Playing medicine;
  • Contemporary choreography;
  • Experimental space of imagination about physics, chemistry and biology;
  • Theater mosaics.

Also we offer a lot of other various full-day group and individual classes of Science, Art and Sport.


Admission Information

Admission campaign for kids aged 6 is in progress! To become a member of our educational space TOO CAN is easy! Choose the appropriate schedule for your child and you’re welcome to the space where every minute is charged with sunlight and positive. All parents are welcome to have an excursion around the place and get to know the teaching staff!

*hereinafter - Child and Youth Art Center “TOO CAN”
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