Preschool institution А+

Preschool institution А+


The Preschool educational institution is for children from 3 to 7 years old. The Preschool А+ is a structural unit of an educational complex «А+». This licensed institution gained the appropriate Certificate to perform its pre school activity. The Preschool А+ was founded in 2013.

We believe that every child has potential to achieve high goals, and our task is to help reveal this potential. We create an environment where every child feels safe and assured; perceives attention and care.

Preschool «А+» welcomes you and your child!

Mariana KUTRAN Director of Pre school, private educational institution «ACADEMY OF CONTEMPORARY EDUCATION»





Following traditions and keeping values to ensure every child with a unique educational and creative atmosphere, creative decisions, mutual respect, mutual assistance and freedom for self-expression. In preschool А+ every child has the opportunity to approve oneself in many spheres: intellectual, arts and athletics. English language classes, Lego time, arts, mathematics, football or gymnastics help to define abilities and the talents of a child, and also develop interest in knowledge. Classes are held in the form of an interesting game and the educational material is a unique one and meets all deductive requirements.


Educational Program

  • Educational program of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine: «Child» for children from 2 to 7 years old.
  • Mathematics. Classes in mathematics are held in the form of a game using worksheets and authentic notebooks.
  • English language. Interactive classes using audio and video content, multimedia board and contemporary educational programs.
  • Grammar. Classes are in the form of a game, including reading, writing and speaking developing exercises.
  • Arts. Using natural materials, plasticine, etc. to disclose creative opportunities and formation of artistic tastes and abilities.
  • Music. Happy songs, musical exercises, music games with positive effect on the child’s personal development, formation of the child’s creative abilities.
  • Lego-construction. Development of imaginative and logic thinking, fine toddler manual function and eye gauge.
  • Sport. Areas of study: Gymnastics, football, modern choreography, children’s fitness.


  • Universal educational program.
  • Innovational and individual approaches to study and development.
  • Development and maintenance of the emotional intellect.
  • Attention to sport and development of creativity.
  • Team of professional teachers.
  • Phycological and speech therapy support.
  • Health care and balanced nutrition for children.
  • Child’s safety and insurance.

Educators Team

Preschool Institution А+ – team of professional teachers who value childhood, understand and support parents in their desire to grow children in happiness. The teachers are professional preschool educators with appropriate pedagogical education and work experience with preschool children. Educated, diversely developed, extraordinary and creative individuals who are constantly self-improving and enhancing their pedagogical skills and professionalism.


School Day

Daily schedule for each age group is made considering age and psychological peculiarities:

  • 5 meals a day;
  • 2 walks outside on a day;
  • nap;
  • 3-4 classes a day;
  • play time;
  • extended day group.

Admission Information

Enrolment is in process for the children from 3 till 6 years old.

There are several Preschool Institution A+ enrolment stages:

  • Fill out registration Google form;
  • Join the excursion around the institution;
  • Have an interview with director of the Preschool institution;
  • Wait for our phone call on confirmation of the child’s enrollment to Preschool Institution А+.
*hereinafter - Private preschool educational institution «Academy of contemporary education».
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