Gymnasium A+

Gymnasium A+


Gymnasium A+ is a structural unit of “Academy of contemporary education” with general and specialized secondary education.

Private Secondary and High School “Gymnasium A+” is licenced to perform educational processes of general secondary and specialized secondary education.

We are working hard to provide our students of 5-11(12) grades with access to advanced knowledge and technologies to explore the self and the world, our mission is to develop highly-educated and critically thinking personalities who take proactive positions to solve the challenges of today.

«Learn, create, collaborate!» are the words we say to each other every day at Gymnasium A+ and welcome everyone who wants to be knowledgeable, share general human values and is eager to change the world around for the best!

Hoping for fruitful collaboration, the director of Private Secondary and High School Gymnasium A+, Tamara Ilchenko.




Gymnasium А+ is a full day school for the 5-11 (12) grades students with specialized English language classes and profile subjects.

We ensure secondary and profile education at the State level, constantly work on curriculum renewal, development and practise of new pedagogical technologies, methods, forms of education and upbringing.

The main foreign language of the institution – English. The second foreign language for your choice – Spanish, French, German and Chinese. To learn English and other foreign languages the class is divided into subgroups according to the level of knowledge.


Educational Program

Curriculum for the students of grades 5-11 (12 grades) Gymnasium А+ is concluded according to educational fields:

  • Language and Literature;
  • Social Science;
  • Arts;
  • Mathematics;
  • Natural Science;
  • Design and Technologies;
  • Physical Training.

Along with the main subjects and lessons in the first half of a day the compulsory attendance of a sport section and English language bilingual course where students communicate with a native speaker, also a section by choice of a student:

  • science section;
  • section of economy;
  • web design section;
  • programming section;
  • media section;
  • theatre lab «Review»;
  • modern choreography section.

In 10-11 grades the curriculum is built with consideration of advanced learning of the profiled subjects in particular: physics and maths, nature science, foreign languages.



  • Tutor support and individual authentic work program.
  • Ability to join bilingual programs.
  • Gymnasium А+ is authorized by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, recognized leader of international educational programs. Learn More
  • There is a possibility to learn separate subjects additionally (foreign languages, science, etc) or go info different kinds of sport, music and arts (students could attend individual tasks, sections and clubs in the frames of out of school education in the premises of Gymnasium А+).
  • Ability to learn at a distance form of education. Learn more

Educators Team

A team of teachers, tutors (teacher assistants, facilitators) and practical phycologists – is highly qualified, motivated specialists who are aware of personal and professional development as an integral process. Our educators possess skills of flexibility, adaptivity and technological grammar, constantly studying to improve soft and hard skills.


School Day

Gymnasium is open: daily from 8:30 till 18:30, except holidays and days off. There are two parts in the structure of the day: academic and extracurricular. After academical part students have an hour for:

  • rest;
  • walk outside;
  • self study;
  • work in educational sections where additional education is provided along with change of activity after a school day.
  • main classes: 8:30-14:15 (5-6 grades), 8:30-16:00 (7-11 grades);
  • walk outside, additional classes in sections, self study: 15:45 – 18:30.

Admission Information

Admission is due to the competence. The introductory campaign lasts in the summer and during the school year in the form of testing in main subjects (Mathematics, Ukrainian and English languages) provided that there are vacancies in the appropriate class.

Admission algorithm:

  • To fill in the application form in Gymnasium A+ Sales department.
  • Pass the tes
  • t and interview.Get the confirmation from the administration of the educational institution on enrolment recommendations.
*hereinafter - Private School «Gymnasium А+»;
**support by facilitator.
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