Primary school «Respublika Kids»

Primary school «Respublika Kids»


Respublika Kids is the first primary school with STEAM emphasis within A+ network on the right bank.

STEAM kids are a generation of novators, leaders, confident personalities who are in charge of changing the future for the best. Explore, implement, inspire – the big idea that unites children, teachers and parents in Respublika Kids.


We have created a unique educational space that combines STEAM as a high priority, integrated and innovative approaches to learning. Respublika Kids is a place of knowledge and creativity for our kids who feel free to express themselves. Each member of the educational process is ready for challenges and innovations, to effectively manage resources and information flows about real life.

Catherine Sizonenko, the director of the Primary School “Respublika Kids”




The concept of our educational institution is one of the relevant approaches to modernization of scientific-math and humanitarian education profiles – STEAM that allows to improve methodology, content, extent of educational material offered by primary school subjects, technologization of the educational process and shaping learning competencies on a new, higher level. Educational program encompasses five main disciplines: science, technologies, engineering, art and math as an integrated and practical approach.


Educational Program

Learning process is implemented according to the “Nova Ukrainian School” programme including digital technologies, modern educational patterns and author programmes by Respublika Kids. We successfully implement bilingual learning: package “Educational services of primary general secondary education with bilingual components (Ukrainian and English)”. Also we offer educational services of distance and external forms of learning.



  • Unique STEAM model: we have added an ART component to the STEAM direction. Through art children learn to watch, interpret, perceive different points of view, analyse and synthesize.
  • Starting from the first grade children have classes in the STEAM-laboratory that comprises knowledge of such fields as biology, ecology, medicine, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology, geography.
  • Maths learning is based on the courses “Practical Maths” and “Logics” that combine theoretical and applied Maths.
  • Bilingual learning.
  • Electronic A+ platform that gives the parents access to the schedule, register, personal canteen account, etc.
  • Distance learning Learn more

Educators Team

Our team consists of motivated professionals who are proactive, skilled, creative, eager for self-improvement, synergy and eco-friendliness. Teachers’ job vectors provide goal-oriented development of students, shaping personalities open to new experiences and knowledge, development of emotional growth, thinking beyond skills, ready to face challenges of today, innovations and lifelong learning.


School Day

Educational process is based on the principle of sequence and consciousness, classes are integrated following the State Standard requirements for primary education with group lessons. Every day students have 4-5 main lessons and 2 group classes. The first lesson starts at 09:00, lasts 35 min for the first-graders and 40 min for others (2-4 grades). Students have balanced healthy meals four times during the day, they have enough time for rest and useful pastime to refresh physical and mental energy, they also take a walk in the fresh air. Our students do their homework at school and also spare some time for «upgrading themselves».


Admission Information

  • Admission to 1-4 grades steps:
  • send an enquiry about application*;
  • get a confirmation from the administration of Respublika Kids;
  • set the date and time for testing;
  • pass the testing;
  • take an oral interview with the institution administration;
  • get the official letter concerning the admission.

You can leave your enquiry of application using any of the following ways:

  • fill in the questionnaire using this link:;
  • turn to the reception desk at Respublika Kids;
  • call the administrator of the reception using this contact number +38 067 218 7 555.
*hereinafter - Private primary school “Respublika Kids”.
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