International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme


International Baccalaureate Programme (IB Diploma Program) is an international educational program, aimed at raising the individual with the necessary practical skills in six subject groups and the programme: Research work; CAS (creativity, activity and social work) and the Theory of Knowledge (TOK). Diploma allows you to enter world leading universities without exams. You can check the license of Gymnasium A+ following a link Private Secondary and High School Gymnasium A+.

The variation of the academic component of the programme allows you to receive knowledge of subjects that are the basis for further training in the chosen specialty in the highest institution of education.

**IB is actively contributing to a broad recognition of the IB diploma when entering universities and other higher educational establishments but the requirements of individual institutions and relevant authorities of the countries are beyond the control of ІВО.

The educational environment for the diploma programme of International Baccalaureate stimulates the development of critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, principles and deep understanding of the studied subjects. Excellent Gymnasium A+ infrastructure and modern IBO educational technologies complement each other and promote synergy in the educational system A+.

Choosing an educational programme in a senior school is a very difficult task, which is possible to decide with understanding of the graduate capabilities after its completion. Appendices of education with the International Baccalaureate diploma are priority candidates for top universities in the world.

Olga Litvinova, IB Coordinator



The International Baccalaureate organization is a recognized leader of international education. Professionally developed methodological support, the latest interactive textbooks, training programmes that are systematically updated, all this allows you to receive skills of the 21st century and to be competitive candidates for admission to obtain further education in different parts of the world.


Educational Program

The educational programme of International Baccalaureate for obtaining a diploma involves studying 6 variational courses + CAS (creativity, activity and social work) + the Theory of Knowledge + writing a research work. To obtain the DP certificate, it is enough to select from 2 to 6 variation courses. In the 12th grade, students will take exams from selected variation courses, both for obtaining the IB diploma and for obtaining a certificate. Exams are prepared and evaluated by external experts from around the world.

The parallel study of the core of the national curriculum and the compilation of external independent evaluation enables a graduate of Gymnasium A+ to obtain a certificate of full general secondary education of the national model.

Join the Pre-DP program at Gymnasium A + in 9 and 10 classes for better preparation for more rigorous courses at 11-12 classes (fill in Google Form for detailed information about the international programme)



  1. ІВ diploma is taken into account when entering universities around the world.
  2. The program is designed for the comprehensive development of the student.
  3. Students get skills of the 21 century.
  4. The programme develops self-organization and forms time management skills.
  5. Advanced evaluation systems correspond to international standards.
  6. Subjects are not taught in isolation.
  7. Changed approaches to education: learning through the prism of analysis of modern world concepts.
  8. Wide opportunities for the development of internal talents.
  9. Forms a proactive social position within the framework of intercultural understanding and respect.
  10. Flexibility of learning approaches, the variation of the components of the programme personalizes the educational process to the fullest.
  11. The curriculum forms necessary competencies in accordance with world educational standards.
  12. Combines the best teaching methods, advanced educational technologies, the most advanced training materials.
  13. Develops critical thinking by studying the unique subject “Theory of Knowledge”.
  14. Obtaining thorough knowledge in the field of research work.

Educators Team

Our teachers are highly skilled specialists who have significant experience in teaching and higher degrees of education by profile, fluent in English. Each teacher is certified by the International Baccalaureate organization and constantly increases their qualifications in licensed IBO institutions, is an active member of the international community of teachers and scholars.


School Day

Gymnasium A+ works daily from 8:30 to 18:30, except bank holidays and weekends.

The educational day according to the international programme consists of two parts: academic and extracurricular activities. After the academic part of the students have time for:

  • leisure;
  • walk;
  • Self-study and research work, project activity within the direction of CAS;
  • extracurricular classes are also possible.

Admission Information

Admission is realized on a competitive basis following the stages of the selected wave of the entrance campaign:

  • reception of references and application forms;
  • сonsideration and analysis of submitted documents by the admission board;
  • passing of entrance exams to determine the academic level of English language (written) and mathematics (written);
  • test of the Second Foreign Language, on condition that the enrollee has a desire to choose it in a variational component of the curriculum for the next academic year;
  • oral interview in English;
  • drawing up the rating and announcement of the results.
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