Distance Education А+

Distance Education А+


A digital educational space for students of 1-9 classes, based on a Private primary school «Academy of contemporary education» with advanced study of foreign languages ​​and Private Secondary and High School «Gymnasium A+».

“We launched a remote education A + so that each child from any corner of Ukraine can join and study in the best educational network. Our goal is to teach children to learn and get knowledge at a high level, to help discover talents and develop effective skills for our students.

If distance education, then only in A +! Looking forward to meeting online in A+!”

Oksana Veselka, deputy director of distance education of Private Secondary and High School «Gymnasium A+».




We have created distance education A+ based on the best international educational experience using the latest technologies. We have developed an interesting, easy-to-use educational environment. Each student of our school who studies remotely has access to the training platform, where there are lessons, tasks, tests, and can easily join online classes of different subjects. We are worried about the future of our children, and therefore the basis of Distance Education A+ is based on the philosophy of Lifelong Learning. Taking into account the tendency for learning throughout life, we have created a separate course within the Tutorial Hours to help students develop and improve their useful skills.


Educational Program

Students of 1-4 classes study according to the New Ukrainian School programme.

Students of 5-9 classes get education according to the educational programme in the following courses:

  • Language and Literature
  • Social Science
  • Art
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Technologies
  • Physical Education

Every student who acquires education remotely has the ability to choose a level of English course and a second foreign language.



  • studying by principle LifeLong Learning;
  • qualitative education of the European level;
  • documents on the education of a state sample;
  • the best teachers of А+ network;
  • Possibility of in-depth study of English and a second foreign language;
  • Modern and comfortable platform to study with 24/7 access;
  • online lessons with teachers and tutorial hours each week.

Educators Team

Our teachers are the best teachers of educational network A+, who have significant experience in developing lessons and teaching via distance form of education. Teachers are always in touch with our students and look forward to meeting during online workshops. Every student is attached to a tutor, who monitors the progress of training and communicates with a child and parents.


School Day

Every student independently builds his or her academic day in accordance with their own needs.

We provide students with the recommended schedule of the lessons, tasks and tests to help children distribute time rationally during the day. Also, we create a schedule of online lessons with teachers in real time. If a student cannot attend an online lesson, he can view a record at a convenient time.


Аdmission Information

  1. Get a reference from the enrollment education institution.
  2. To get from previous educational institution:
    • personal student file;
    • evaluation list (admission during the training semester);
    • Student’s Report Card (admission in the beginning of the 2nd semester).
  3. Choose an appropriate package of educational service. More about packages of educational service
  4. Fill in the documents to enroll on a distance learning programme form in A +; Provide a package of documents from the previous place of study.
*hereinafter - Private Secondary and High School “Gymnasium A+”, Private primary school “Academy of contemporary education” with advanced study of foreign languages;
** - facilitator.
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