Primary school A +

Primary school A +


Private Primary School A+ with advanced study of foreign languages is a structural unit of “Academy of Contemporary Education” that opened its doors to the first students in 2013. The educational institution has the appropriate license to perform educational processes in the area of general secondary education, has been accredited and is a member of Kyiv educational institutions network. The school has two locations to welcome its students:

  • Regeneratorna street, 4b;
  • Berezneva street, 14.

Choosing a primary school is one of the most essential decisions made by parents of preschoolers.

We are ready to take care of your child the whole day – from 9:00 till 18:20 so that you can easily manage your work and be sure in your child’s development and safety.

Our students are personalities open to new ideas and knowledge. We believe that parents’ trust and active participation are essential in the education space. And we consider you to be our partners in the process of children’s learning.

Welcome to the family of Primary School A+!

Sincerely yours, the director, Olha Timonova.


The main concept of Private Primary School “Academy of Contemporary Education A+” is advanced studying of foreign languages. Starting from the first grade our students have advanced English learning, from the second grade they start learning a second foreign language of interest: Spanish, German or French.


Educational Program

Students’ preparation on a standard level of primary education takes place in the following fields:

  • New Ukrainian School;
  • New Ukrainian School (with an advanced English learning component);
  • Pedagogical technology “Rostok”;
  • Scientific and pedagogical project “Ukraine’s intellect”.

Any of these fields include advanced learning of foreign languages.



  • Wide choice of educational programmes.
  • Electronic learning platform A+ that gives parents the access to the schedule, register, and personal canteen account.
  • Students are involved in practical tasks and real-life projects.
  • Bilingual studying.
  • Full-day curriculum that allows the children to combine the main school programme and extracurricular activities.
  • Annual traditional events, celebrations, holidays, performances, competitions, etc.
  • Primary School A+ is a member of the International Eco-Schools Programme.
  • Opportunity of distance learning. Learn more

Educators Team

Primary School A+ teachers are highly-qualified, creative and completely involved educators. To confirm their soft skills they constantly upgrade their qualification and professional development. Educators have got the highest qualification, I, II categories, pedagogical degrees “teacher-methodist”, “headteacher”. Our special pride is the teachers of our Foreign Languages Department that are certified by prestigious international language educational organizations, such as Primary Years Programme (PYP), National Geographic Certified Educator, Cambridge Assessment English, Oxford and have immense language experience.


School Day

Primary School A+ works full-day. Classes start at 9:00 and finish at 18:00 (in the 1st grade) and at 18:20 (in the 2-4 grades).

During the school day students visit different clubs, have a walk and extra activities.


Admission Information

Admission takes place on a competitive basis.

Admission campaign to the first grade lasts from January till March every year.

Admission campaign to 2-4 grades takes place during the school year as an oral interview in the main subjects (Math, Ukrainian and English) on a space available basis to the according grade.

Admission process steps:

  • Leave an application using our contacts: +38 044 364 1 364, +38 067 364 1 463.
  • Pass the oral interview on a set date.
  • Get the confirmation from the school’s administration and follow the recommendations concerning the admission.
*hereinafter - Private Primary School “Academy of contemporary education” with advanced study of foreign languages
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