Preschool Institution «Academy Ecoland»

Preschool Institution «Academy Ecoland»


Innovation preschool is an eco- educational project, where children get high level knowledge, with comprehensive self-development and feel happy every single day of their childhood. We are the first preschool institution in Ukraine that has got the eco certificate issued by International Foundation for Environmental Education International. The priorities are as follows: careful attitude to nature, ecological upbringing, studying by learning the world around with projects and researches, socialization and communication of the child, interactive games, development of emotional and cognitive skills. The educational Institution has an appropriate c to perform preschool educational activity. The preschool institution «Academy Ecoland» is founded in 2019.


In the preschool institution «Academy Ecoland» we follow ecological principles of upbringing that help students to get physical, psychological and intellectual harmonious development. We aim to motivate and maintain critical thinking, and support the students to be active performers. Being oriented on performance – helps to change the world around, change those who are beside. We develop young leaders of the future.

Maryna Bondarenko, director of Private preschool institution «Academy Ecolend».


«Academy Ecoland» – the first preschool ecological project in Ukraine. We successfully combined the best modern world methods and authentic practical works. Our little students is growing happily and possess harmonious development following ECO principles:

  • Education – learn through performance and knowledge of the world by researching and intellectual games;
  • Communication – socialization of the child, interactive games and classes together with team of friends;
  • Opportunity – enclosure of potential of the little once, development of emotional and cognitive skills.

Educational Program

  • Educational program of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine «Child» for children aged from 2 to 7 years.
  • Bilingual program. Comprehensive English language study under authentic Canadian program and Oxford program «Our World», prepared jointly with National Geographic.
  • Italian Reggio-pedagogy. Principles: directness, freedom in choosing an option and study. Classes include all the activities: cognitive, playful and creative.
  • Project method. Due to project activity the children deepen their creative attitude to the surrounding reality, learning to establish cause-and-effect relationships in the world.


  • «Academy Ecoland» – is an ideal ECO-space and bilingual environment.
  • Philosophy of the institution is provided under the principles of Italian pedagogy Reggio.
  • Interactive classes EcoLab and Green project open air – learning the world around in harmony with nature.
  • Ecodesign – comfort without imperfection..
  • Healthy nutrition is a priority with a personal approach.
  • Optimal time with benefit.
  • Safety is above all.

Education in preschool full day institution «Academy Ecoland» includes:

  • Learning the following subjects in English and Ukrainian languages: mathematics, logic, reading and writing.
  • Training classes with practical psychologists and speech development with a speech therapist.
  • Architecture, graphics and etiquette
  • Creativity classes: modelling, drawing, application.
  • Music classes: rhymes, singing, choreography.
  • Ecolab: acquaintance with a world of physics, biology, chemistry as a game.
  • Articulation and finger gymnastics.
  • Fitness for children, CrossFit, gymnastics, acrobatic.
  • Theatre studio and acting skills.

Educators Team

«Academy Ecoland» preschool institution team of educators is highly qualified and keen. The teachers in our eco preschool pass many tests and are provided with corporate training. The upbringing is filled with love and care.

We meet ecological life requirements:

  • Ecological attitude to oneself;
  • Ecological attitude to people;
  • Ecological attitude to the environment.

School Day

Studying and leisure as a full day – from 8:00 till 19:00. Day schedule of every age group is developed considering age and physiological peculiarities of children.

  • 5-meals a day;
  • 2 walks outside during the day;
  • day nap;
  • 3-4 classes a day;
  • play time;
  • extended day group.

Admission Information

  • Enrollment is in progress for children aged from 2 to 6 years old.
  • Enrollment to the preschool institution «Academy Ecoland» is performed in the following stages:
  • Fil in registration Google-form
  • Join the excursion around our preschool and meet the potential teachers of your child;
  • Have an interview with our practical phycologist to have check recommendations to get ready to enter the preschool by the temperament of the child;
  • Enrolled into the bilingual group is upon the results of an interview with a teacher of English;
  • We’ll call to confirm #AcademyEcoland!enrolment
*hereinafter - Private preschool educational institution «Academy Ecoland».
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