Art Center «Musical club «ZmiykA+»

Art Center «Musical club «ZmiykA+»


Art Center Musical club «ZmyikA+» is an alternative to kindergarten classic system.

Classes are directed to musical and general development of a child, instilling musical test, motivate to learn about the world around, rising the level of involvement into the musical world.

Preschool years is a period when initial abilities are being formed to make involvement of a child into a variety of activities possible. Thus, guiding by a long experience we created the best conditions to allow the development of an intellect, memory, language at a high level, cultivate leadership qualities, reveal creative abilities and social interaction skills. The child grows confident, interested and mentally harmonious in other words – happy.

Olena Fedirko – Child and Youth Art Center «Musical club «ZmyikA+»




Art Center Musical club «ZmyikА+» specialization is an early development. The program is based upon the world’s progressive approaches to musical development and such directions of art potential as creative movement, BodyPercussion, vocal therapy, fairy tale therapy.

In our curriculum these methods and approaches are based on classic music, different music styles, music of different nations, Ukrainian folk which is rich in many work forms with children.


Educational Program

To meet different requirements of children we implemented different out school activities, in particular:

  • Various drawing techniques in a modern art studio;
  • Individual and group vocal classes;
  • Playing musical instruments;
  • Modern choreography;
  • English language;
  • Ball dancing;
  • Fitness for children;
  • Capoeira;
  • Music Family Kids;
  • Classes with a speech therapist and practical psychologist.


  • Location in a comfortable, bright and safe residential complex «Comfort Town».
  • Part of one of the largest educational networks in the city.
  • Team of highly qualified educators who always wish to be «plus infinity» for the students.
  • Constant medical and psychological support.
  • In depth study of musical arts..
  • Sport activities for harmonious development.
  • Bilingual development of children (English and Ukrainian languages)
  • Art directions in a modern art studio.
  • Comfortable day schedule and balanced class load on children.

Educators Team

Our teachers are always involved in the playing process and teaching little students in the club. The task of the educators — constant development of the little once. The teachers do not simply observe children, they teach them to communicate, make friends, feel care and navigate in life and provide many other skills that will be in use in the future.
The team of the club aims at parents to be ready for cooperation and act as partners in upbringing children.

Our common goal is to work simultaneously for the benefit of children, which contributes to their optimal development


School Day

In Art Center Musical club «ZmyikA+» the daily classes of each age group are developed taking into account age psychophysiological features of children.
You can choose a subscription to a comprehensive program

Preschool Art, with a possibility to attend from 8:30 to 18:30.


Admission Information

Enrollment is in progress for children aged up to 6-years old! Admission process to Art centre Music club «ZmyikА+» includes the following stages:

  • Sign up for sightseeing tour around the club and meet head of art divisions;
  • Sign up for an interview with a practical psychologist to get a checklist with recommendations to prepare the child for the club according to the child’s temperament.
  • For enrollment to bilingual program, sign for separate interview with teacher of English
  • Wait for our call to confirm your child’s admission to the “Art Center “Musical Club “ZmiykA+”
*hereinafter - Child and Youth Art Center “Musical club “ZmiykA+”.
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