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About one in five people on the planet suffers from dyslexia. It is a neurological disease that causes problems with reading, writing (dysgraphia), disorders associated with counting operations (dyscalculia), inattention, hyperactivity. However, this does not indicate a reduced level of intelligence, because among dyslexia there are many creative, talented people. In most of these people, dyslexia was not detected in time, and this led to many psychological problems in childhood. After all, the child feels insecure, not like everyone else, it interferes with learning the curriculum, reduces self-esteem.
The best thing parents can do is to help their child, to make a comprehensive diagnosis of existing difficulties at the Center of Speech and Language Impairment Correction A+.
Specialists of the language center and psychologists use modern technologies to build an effective strategy and to compensate for violations in a short time.

Speech therapy direction

  • speech therapy support;
  • speech therapy massage;
  • exercises in Davis’s method to eliminate dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculus (difficulties with reading, writing and counting);
  • ABA- (Correction of language and communicative skills of children, especially of the autistic spectrum);
  • developmental and correctional classes according to a special computer program «Логомер-2»

Psychological direction

  • psychological support;
  • improvement of mental functions, which do not fit the child’s norms;
  • diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder based on МОХО computer test;
  • using neurofeedback method for improving the state of higher mental functions, improve learning, reduce the level of aggression and impulsivity

General development direction

  • sensory integration (increasing the brain’s ability to perceive and process sensory information through special exercises);
  • Tomatis hearing training technique, which aims to improve the perception and processing of audio signals by the brain;
  • neurocorrection on the development and stimulation of certain brain


  • We use effective and scientifically proven methods for therapy or diagnosis.
  • Our team consists only of experienced specialists and specialized experts with many years of practice.
  • We use only the most modern equipment.
  • We are successfully adopting world experience and implementing the latest techniques recognized at the international level.
  • Everyone who applies to the Centre of Speech and Language Impairment Correction A+ will receive a professional tolerance and individual approach.

School Day

Classes are held daily from 9.00 to 20.00. The schedule is determined individually. Call us and we will choose a convenient schedule for your child

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